The women who our members work with have very often been through many traumatic experiences that have left them vulnerable and in need of great support. Often they struggle to find the support that they need until they discover or are referred to a women’s centre. We encourage our members to share the stories of the women who have found support, hope, opportunities and success through their services because they illustrate the fantastic work that they are doing. We continually update our library of case studies and many of the views of our website are to read these stories.

Cohort 4 is our newest member organisation. They are based in Atherstone, Warwickshire, and they work with vulnerable women and they have a particular focus on arts and crafts.

Before finding Cohort 4, Clare describes her life as ‘going down the pan.’ She was on a self destruct course with no awareness about the impact on herself or others. She says that her life had no direction or value.

‘Being with other women at Cohort4 has given me confidence in myself, some self worth and self value…… I have purpose, I enjoy crafts and Cohort4 enable me to develop my creative side, photography, jewellery, embroidery and seeing.’

She had no confidence in statutory services as they had just made things worse for her.

‘My mental health was at rock bottom, I had real anger issues and wasn’t managing my emotions at all.’ 

Clare says attending Cohort4 literally changed her life.

Read more about Clare’s story here

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