BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour on 15 March

BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour on 15 March took the topic of ‘Alternative Sentencing for Women Offenders Ten Years After Corston Research’

Taken from the Women’s Hour website:
David Cameron has announced plans for what he referred to as the ‘wholesale reform’ of prisons; the first Prime Minster to make a speech solely about prisons in twenty years. We hear from Minister Caroline Dinenage, with responsibility for women prisons. What does this mean for women offenders and the prisons they end up in? Does the closure of Holloway Prison in North London herald a new approach to women offenders? A decade after Baroness Jean Corston’s investigation and gain of cross party support for the introduction of alternative sentencing for women we look at how much progress has been made. You can hear about Jane’s recent visit to Styal Prison for women and Stockport Women’s Centre to hear their opinions and Jane will be joined by Baroness Corston and Juliet Lyon, the director of the Prison Reform Trust.

The programme can be listened to here

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