Eden House continues to develop specialist services for women

Eden House continues to develop specialist services for women involved with the criminal justice system. They have expanded their delivery, enabling access to more women in the  Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas. Through partnership working with local voluntary and public sector organisations they are able to host engagement with other services and jointly deliver specialist interventions such as the Freedom Programme.

This month Eden House is launching three new group programme interventions that women can attend to fulfil community order Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RARs).

ABLE – Addictive Behaviour Learning Experience – 6 Modules
This programme is suitable for women who’s addictive behaviour is a contributory factor in their offending, whether that behaviour involves substance misuse, gambling, shoplifting or any other addiction. The aim of ABLE is to support women to understand the reasons behind addictive behaviour and forming habits, and the potential consequences of this behaviour on families, communities, victims and themselves, and to develop strategies for addressing and making changes to this behaviour.

Skills for Change – 10 sessions
Women who have committed offence/s that demonstrate deficits in problem solving and consequential thinking will benefit from engaging with this group. This programme supports women in developing effective life skills in order to make more positive, and less risky, decisions.

Art Therapy – 10 sessions
Delivered in partnership with City of Bristol College and titled ‘I know who I am’, this practical programme supports women to explore themselves, the way they view the world how they present themselves to others, both now, in the past, and in the future. They will create a 3D ‘Triptych’ by the end of the programme, to present to other attendees, clients and staff.

Eden House offers range of other specialist interventions and group programmes for women, including the Freedom Programme, Emotional Well-being groups, the Victim Awareness Mini-Programme (VAMP), Employment, Training and Education support and accredited training courses, as well as a wide variety of  engagement groups designed to help women to rebuild confidence and self-esteem, develop positive social networks and use their time positively and productively.

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