Griffins Society publishes new research into access to MBUs in prison

The Griffins Society ihas published a report by barrister and Griffins fellow, Maya Sikand. Maya’s research work on the accessibility of Mother & Baby Unit places by mothers and mothers-to-be in prison raises important issues that we argue must be addressed; the current system is both inconsistent and often unjust.
Maya says,

“Access appears to be very unfair and women are not given the chance to participate in their own futures and yet we know that gaining access to a place can be profoundly life changing.

Before the MOJ make assertions about alledged lack of take-up of places, they need to consider urgently the fairness of the procedure as it operates on the ground. The research highlights that there is a lack of availability and visibility of information about MBUs and this combined with real procedural barriers makes for a highly inadequate system.”

The report can be found on The Griffins Society website.

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