New Dawn New Day are delighted to announce a one day workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby

New Dawn New Day are delighted to announce a one day workshop with Sir Richard Bowlby, son of John Bowlby the pioneer researcher on the impact of early attachment relationships

Sir Richard Bowlby gives lectures to health care professionals using video material and personal insights to promote a much broader understanding of his father’s work on attachment theory. He supports a range of organisations that address challenging attachment issues, and is seeking ways to help the general public benefit from a better understanding of attachment relationships.

The day will explore the typical development of children’s early attachments and examine the significance of these family relationships, looking at how separations from attachment figures during sensitive periods of development can have a significant impact on the individual’s capacity to cope with separation and loss in later life. The day will also consider the effects of disrupted attachments associated with psychopathology and discuss attachment orientated therapy.

With plenty of opportunities during the day for questions and discussion, the day will be of interest not only to Counsellors and Psychotherapists but also to anyone involved in childcare and early years education, teaching and youth work, health and social care services, mental health practitioners, social workers and anyone working in the fields of homelessness, substance misuse and criminal justice.

All proceeds from this event will benefit New Dawn New Day and support them to deliver free and low cost counselling to vulnerable women at Leicester Women’s Counselling Centre.

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