News from Eden House, Bristol

Fashion Forward at Eden House
Over the course of 8 months female clients from Eden House in Bristol participated in weekly Fashion Workshops with Tail End Fashion Designer and Label Director Fran Rennison. These workshops supported clients to explore their creativity, learn valuable practical skills and to work as a team to produce garments and accessories for themselves and their families. They also worked together, and with other creative women from Bristol to put on an extremely glamorous Fashion Show on Thursday 26 May.

EU Referendum Debate
On the 14 June, Staff and Service Users at Eden House took part in an EU Referendum debate in the lead-up to voting day. Staff and clients took time to research the advantages and disadvantages in voting to leave or remain, before forming themselves into teams of Leave, Remain and Undecided and debating the issues formally. Both teams put forward excellent arguments, and then took questions from the undecided participants and the staff team. At the end of debate, all of the participants voted with their feet, indicating whether they now feel whether they would vote to leave or remain in the EU.

The aim of the event was not to persuade clients one way or another, but to empower them to engage with the debate, to feel confident in considering and discussing the issues, and to understand that their opinion, and their vote, is as valuable as everyone else’s. Many of our clients, through years of abuse and victimisation, feel voiceless and somewhat disconnected from their society; so to understand that they have the same power in this decision as everyone else was a great step in their journey of positive change and empowerment.

Client Celebration Day
On 12 July Eden House held it’s annual summer barbecue to celebrate the excellent progress and extraordinary achievements made by Eden House clients over the past 12 months.

Clients were presented with the certificates for qualifications they have achieved in the past year through education and vocational courses with SGS College and Bristol Learning Communities. In total 22 women earned qualifications in a variety of fields – Character Development, Interpersonal Skills, Food Safety in Catering, Family First Aid and Job Search and Employment Potential.

A number of Eden House clients also won awards in the following categories:

  • Excellent Progress at Eden House
  • Special Contribution to Eden House
  • Outstanding Contribution to Eden House

Eden House is incredibly proud of their clients, who continue to delight them everyday with their resilience, kindness and determination; and this was a great way to celebrate them.

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