NOMS CFO3 Programme

Niki Gould from the Nelson Trust shares about the NOMS CFO3 programme that Women on the Re-Unite program may be able to access whilst in prison.

The NOMS CFO3 programme is a 5 year contract funded through the European Social Fund and is aimed at helping those individuals who are considered ‘hard to reach’. Although gaining employment is seen as a major step to progression the programme recognises the importance of social inclusion. Due to this recognition CFO3 focuses more on the participants barriers such as health and accommodation with the intention of providing a positive impact on securing employment in the future.

As part of the CFO3 programme, Nelson Trust will be working with women currently at HMP Eastwood Park providing both one to one and group support. The support offered will be tailored to the individual and will focus on their specific needs. In addition to this support a through the gate service will also be offered to ensure on-going support is provided upon release from custody.

Eligibility for participants to join the programme will be based on an assessment completed by a case manager. This will be further supported by information gained from other professionals such as Offender Supervisors and ISIS Keyworkers therefore ensuring a joined up approach throughout the participant’s time on the programme.

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