Our members – a lot to be proud of!

Women’s Breakout has a membership of 59 organisations, that in spite of very challenging political and economic times, deliver high quality services for and with vulnerable women with complex needs. They are uniquely placed to build relationships with their service users that are based on trust, empowerment, and support, and under their programmes women can flourish and see kindness where there was once only judgement, opportunities where there was once only barriers, hope when there was once only despair. When well-being and happiness grow, then all things are possible.

In 2015/16:

  • 33 of our member organisations worked with a total of 21,000 women.
  • 14,253 women received a full assessment, and 53% of those receiving a full assessment were engaged in the criminal justice system.
  • Mental well being was the most common need identified (40%).
  • 55% had 3-6 areas of need and 23% had over six areas of need identified.
  • 20 organisations were working ‘Through the Gate’ and they supported 3,103 women.
  • Just over £20 million was received in funding by 31 organisations. Of this just over a quarter came from charitable giving, and £5,466,521 was received from CRCs.

But statistics are just one part of the story – impact on women and their lives is another. Soundbites from 2015/16 include:

  • The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre (Gloucester): successfully engaged with 65 women involved in street sex working in Swindon and Gloucester since November 2015 through their award winning Sex Worker Outreach Projects. Eleven of these women have accessed Residential Rehabilitation services for their drug and alcohol addiction, 8 of which have successfully completed or are still undergoing treatment.
  • Women@thewell (London): 65% of women report feeling safer than they did before they entered the project and 131 women (93% of total beneficiaries) engaged in activities at the centre
  • Women’s Community Matters (Cumbria): 23 different women completed their unpaid work, contributing 1,227 hours to the smooth running and organisation of the Centre, but also improving their lives ‘Thank you for giving me the chance to come here to do my hours. I know it is a privilege and I will make the most of my time here and work hard to show my family and friends that I have turned a corner’ and “The Centre is great. It has given me the opportunity to show I can work hard, be reliable and learn new things. It will make it easier for me to get a job again and it means I can look my children in the eye and say I am doing something good!’
  • Working Chance (London): successfully placed 207 women with convictions and 19 women care leavers into quality, sustainable employment. This means that there are now 226 more women who are independent and financially autonomous. ‘They are transforming the future of their families and communities. These women have been helped on their journey from lives of exclusion to lives of contribution – a journey that benefits their children, gives them hope and gives them a better future.’
  • North Wales Women’s Centre (Rhyl): 647 women accessed support and or social activities at the centre, 52 registered volunteers provided 4910 hours of support throughout the year, 20 women were referred from Probation Services and 21 Women were referred from HMP Styal.
  • Act 4 Women (Apex Trust, St Helens): received 112 referrals, with 85 women receiving the employability advice, guidance and support in achieving their goals.  23 women completed the peer mentor induction and training programme and have taken on the role as peer mentor; 62 women demonstrated improved self-confidence; 65 women demonstrated an improved ability to disclose their criminal record; 32 women increased their employment related skills; 32 women secured an employment outcome; 31 women demonstrated reduced levels of stress/anxiety to manage finances/family life; 30 women have moved into a voluntary opportunity.
  • Brighton Oasis Project: care co ordinated (ie oversaw and delivered) substance misuse treatment to 319 women – 85 of those left treatment successfully.
  • Prison Advice & Care Trust (London): 2343 women in prison used their Family Engagement Service.
  • Eve’s Space (Urban Outreach, Bolton): 66% of clients had an accommodation need when referred – 94% of these had stable accommodation at case closure.
  • One25 (Bristol): 59 women got on the road to recovery from addiction & street sex work; 106 women were safely housed; 84 women received help from victim support & counselling to testify against their attacker; Volunteers gave out 2412 meals to 169 women in need; 14 women started volunteering, 3 went to college and 4 got jobs; 57 women made life changes to reduce their offending behaviour; 32 mums improved their parenting skills

Sticking with the programme, feeling safe and engaged, opportunities to make a worthwhile contribution – all small things really but what a difference they make to each woman in her life.

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