Prison, My Parents And Me – a BBC documentary

Prison, My Parents And Me – a BBC documentary
The number of children with a mum or dad in prison is growing at an alarming rate. More than 10,000 children visit a parent in prison every week, but while their parent is on the inside, outside the children are often bullied and left feeling isolated and ostracised.

In a special film for Children in Need, Prison, My Parents & Me gives voice to this group of young people, to reveal what it’s really like to lose a parent to the criminal justice system.

Bafta-nominated film-maker Catey Sexton gives a humane and sensitive insight into the lives of those often lost in the system and reveals how prisoners’ children are twice as likely to suffer from poor mental health.

With little government support for prisoners’ children, the only help comes from a small number of charities. Alex, 11, and Kyra, eight, attend a Children in Need-funded support group run by the charity PSS. With the charity’s support the sisters are coming to terms with their dad’s imprisonment and are encouraged to tell him how they feel.

This film will show that when children are given support when they are young, their futures could be bright – instead of some of them becoming the next generation of parents in prison.
Taken from the BBC Media Centre

13 days left to watch

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