St Giles Trust have a new project called ‘Peer Circles’

St Giles Trust have a new project called ‘Peer Circles’. This is a new service that offers support from Peer Advisors, people who have overcome disadvantage themselves who are now trained to offer help. The Peer Circles Project will work with individuals, aged 25 plus, with complex needs and severe and multiple disadvantages (SMD) and who are currently unemployed or economically inactive, across Central and South London boroughs. There will be a focus on single homeless people with no dependents, or those no longer in contact with family networks.

Participants will have at least one of the following characteristics, though mostly will have at least two, or one plus a mental health condition:

  • Rooflessness or houselessness including those in emergency accommodation; accommodation for the homeless, those in women’s shelters; people receiving longer term support due to homelessness; or those due to be released from medical institutions/homes who would likely to fall into one of the above categories upon release.
  • Mental ill-health issues
  • Substance misuse problems
  • History of offending
  • Recent experience of domestic or sexual violence
  • History of involvement in street sex work

The project offers:

  • Taking steps towards employment
  • Strengthen connections
  • Value yourself
  • Encouragement and support from peers
  • Motivation and support to move forward
  • Creating opportunities
  • Raising aspirations
  • A client centred service
  • Increase confidence
  • Motivational support
  • Build trust
  • Move forward at your own pace
  • Improve your well being
  • Self esteem

For more information either phone 020 7697 4335 or email.

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