Tampon Tax Fund

Thank you to Katie Fraser for sending us the press releases for The Greater Manchester Women Offenders Alliance, WomenMATTA and Urban Outreach. An exert from the press releases can be found below and the full press releases can be found by clicking on the links above.

The Greater Manchester Women Offenders Alliance made a bid for £375,000 from the Governments £12 million “Tampon Tax” Fund, which is an amount equivalent to VAT receipts from sanitary products each year. The winners were announced in the Budget on 16th March with the Alliance receiving the full amount it asked for – one of only 19 organisations to be awarded money from the fund which was established to support a range of good causes across the UK specifically benefitting women.

Kate Fraser, Chair of the Greater Manchester Women Offenders Alliance said: ”We’re delighted that the Government has recognised the innovative work that we are doing to reduce offending by women in Greater Manchester and excited that this money will enable us to build on the strengths of our members by developing the Alliance and providing specialist staff to help women leave crime behind and build sustainable lives. Our dream is that every woman who offends or is at risk of offending will be able to access tailored, specialist support from their local women’s centre, giving them hope for a future free of crime where they can make a positive contribution to society. This money will help us achieve that dream.”

Hannah Morowa, Project Manager of WomenMATTA and Dave Bagley, Chief Executive of Urban Outreach say: “We’re thrilled to be part of Greater Manchester Women Offenders Alliance that has secured this vitally needed funding. WomenMATTA and Eve’s Space, Urban Outreach have has been supporting female offenders in Manchester and Trafford (women MATTA) and Bolton(Eve’s Space) for many years and we’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to help support the development of comprehensive services for female offenders across Greater Manchester. This funding will enable us to give an even better service to female offenders in the town and also allow sharing of best practice and training on a Greater Manchester scale.”

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