The Birth Charter for Women in Prisons in England and Wales

The Birth Charter for Women in Prisons in England and Wales
On May 26 2016 Birth Companions will be launching The Birth Charter for women in prisons in England and Wales.
What does the best possible support for perinatal women and their children in prison look like? How can prisons, commissioners, healthcare practitioners and voluntary organisations work together to ensure women get the care to which they are entitled?
Birth Companions has supported pregnant women and new mothers in prison for twenty years. The Birth Charter is a set of recommendations for the care of pregnant women and new mothers in prison developed in consultation with our service users and with guidance from the Royal College of Midwives and UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative.

The Birth Charter has been developed to help inform the Government’s review of the treatment of these vulnerable women and their babies, and to improve current practice across the Prison Service, on aspects ranging from antenatal care and birthing partners to breastfeeding, family visits and counselling. Alongside the Birth Charter, Birth Companions is calling on the Government to create a much-needed Prison Service Order to help the Prison Service provide consistent, humane care.

Women’s Breakout members who would like to receive a copy of the Charter on launch day can sign up here.

If any Women’s Breakout members are interested in attending the Launch Event, please contact Birth Companions.
Places are limited.

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