Women, Criminal Justice and Communities, DISC – May updates

 CRC and NPS referrals have increased significantly and continue to rise. This follows an increase in presence by the at the probation offices and attendance at both the CRC and NPS monthly meetings. In addition the WCC lead meets with the CRC manager to monitor the referral pathways into the WCC. There has been a noticeable change in order requirements recently, with the majority having the rehabilitation activity requirement as part of a community order or as a stand alone requirement. This has seen a change from sentences of community payback and fines which only saw a punitive element with little capacity for rehabilitation.

Funding has been secured to pilot a role within the CRC to work with and engage offenders that use psychoactive substances (NPS). The role will involve community outreach, joint working with local providers and various levels of training and awareness for those in education along with professionals training for services. The pilot will initially run for a year from July 2016.

The emotion management programme has recently completed its first 6 week course, the final activity for the group was a free trial at a local gym, the feedback was that the group was enjoyable, fun yet informative and interesting. The group proved to be highly successful in terms of completion with 10 women having attended each week. The programme was also able to be delivered 1:1 for women that were unable to attend the group, and will continue to be delivered after a short 2 week break.

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