Success Stories

Take a look at how our varied projects across the country reach out and support female ex-offenders in their communities. The support starts as in-reach within the prison system – each project works with the prisons, probation service, social services and other organisations to find the right solution for each woman and her children.

Mandy’s Story

Re-Unite South London enabled Mandy to be housed with her daughter from the day of her release and helped her apply for grants as she had lost all her belongings when she went into prison.

Hayley’s Story

With the help of Changing Lives, Re-Unite North East, Hayley has kept her child, maintained her tenancy and no longer is at risk of re-offending

Courtney’s Story

Courtney is currently living in Re-Unite housing and has contact with her three girls thanks to the help of Re-Unite South Wales

Alex’s Story

Alex is growing in her relationship with her son and with other members of her family thanks to the work that Re-Unite South London have done with her.

Lorraine’s Story

Re-Unite Gloucestershire acquired safe and secure accommodation in the community for Lorraine while she was in prison, so that she was able to be re-united with her son on her release.

Mary’s Story

Mary and baby Benjamin’s journey – from prison, to re-connecting with family and living a healthier and happier life.

Madeleine’s Story

How Re-Unite Birmingham supported ‘Madeleine’ and her two children.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s children were aged just three years and eight months respectively when she was given a six-year prison sentence for drug offences in 2009.

Jiao’s Story

In 2007, Jiao lived in private rented accommodation with her youngest son – 10 year old ‘Kang’ and was employed full time.


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