Start Today is a service that we hope to fund through a Social Impact Bond (SIB) aimed at providing holistic support for women who present with vulnerabilities and complex needs, some of whom will be impacted by the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Services will be delivered by an existing network of Women’s Community Service Providers (WCSPs) that deliver gender-specific, holistic services to a recognised model of delivery.

Key Messages:

  • Women with vulnerabilities and complex needs often lead chaotic lifestyles causing them to be at risk of many damaging behaviours, including offending. They are a cohort with a wide range of needs and they face numerous issues in high volume. If, with the right support, they can find a way through these issues, or if the situation can be de-escalated, then this has a high value not only for commissioners, but society in general.
  • The organisations that work with such women to bring positive changes to their lives are operating in a sector that is under threat. New solutions need to be considered in order to avoid reducing the availability of the services offered, and to continue the high level provision of a holistic service that is capable of addressing the wide range of needs presented by the women in this cohort.
  • The work of these organisations delivers a high value theory of change, with robust supporting evidence of historical achievement of outcomes.
  • Start Today represents an opportunity to deliver a high quality service that is individualised to meet the particular needs of the woman, but has a standardised approach to the delivery of outcomes and quality; and is presented and managed to unlock new commissioners for the sector.
  • The Start Today multi gateway Social Impact Bond (SIB) offers a model that allows sustainable funding structures to be put in place for the sector.
  • While Start Today has the potential to generate high value for families and society in general; it also offers substantial cash and cashable savings and efficiencies for a range of different commissioners.

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