Together Women Project produced a large mural to express the impact that the criminal justice system had on their lives. Nicola Lambe and Gilda Nunez explain more…

In September 2013, 3 interactive and creative workshops where organised to encourage service users to express their views and experiences in a non-directive way. The outcome of the activity was a mural that sends a strong visual message about the circumstances they had to face before, during and after offending. Picture1

As a team, 10 service users involved in the criminal justice system (CJS) tried to identify and express gender needs that if addressed in time, could have prevented women entering the CJS. Women tried to portrait themselves using words, cut-outs and pictures to describe the impact that being involved in the CJS has had, not only Picture6in their lives but also in the lives of those who they love and care for the most. Their views and experiences are shown in a dramatic way through figures and colours, representing segregation, depression, distress, loss, shame, exclusion, labelling and stigmatization. Participants decided to use their hands as a way of expressing that overcoming difficulties and achieving a certain level of well-being in a collective process where support is needed. All the work created became a large collage that provides a powerful visual message of their experiences.







Women built a piece of art work that allowed them to explore a new and creative way to express their inner fears and most painful experiences, but also to share their values and expectation.


Nicola Lambe and Gilda Nunez
Together Women Projects

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