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Re-Unite is a housing project developed by Commonweal Housing, Housing for Women and Women in Prison which reunites mothers with their children following the mother’s release from prison.

Re-Unite is now delivered in South London, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Greater Manchester and three sites in Yorkshire but we are actively seeking partners in other areas with whom we would like to share our learning, our tried and tested procedures and our network of providers already delivering Re-Unite. Our aim is that every woman who is exiting the prison system with a chance of being reunited with her children can access a Re-Unite programme.

“The Re-Unite model is such a simple idea and meets a real need that we find time and again with the women that Anawim are working with. To some extent we were doing most of the model already, but signing up to the Re-Unite Project with Commonweal has helped us to coordinate that action; build up and formalise links with local housing providers and brand this element of the work we do.”

Joy Doal, Anawim, Birmingham

All Re-Unite partners sign up to deliver the core Re-Unite principles: early contact and in-reach support; a managed move into suitable accommodation; supporting women as they aim to be reunited with their children; supporting the whole family unit; and a supported transition to independence.

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe from the University of Cambridge is leading the on-going evaluation of the programme. She explains: “We will continue to carry out research over time and include each of the new projects being rolled out. We want to provide real evidence of the positive impact this project can have on the women and children it supports, as well as provide evidence for future housing providers open to getting involved in delivering the services. This is a blueprint for the future and it’s exciting that it is up and running elsewhere.”

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