Women’s Breakout merger into Clinks

For the past six years Women’s Breakout has provided a unique and specialised resource for women’s centres working in the criminal justice system. Despite building up a strong network and having considerable success, it has struggled to be viable on its own.

Following careful consideration by the Boards of Women’s Breakout and Clinks, alongside consultation with Women’s Breakout members, it has been agreed that Women’s Breakout should merge into Clinks. Today (1st August 2017) we can announce that the merger has taken place.

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Clinks is committed to supporting women’s centres and the wider women’s sector. We know that strong community-based women’s services are the best way to make a real difference to the lives of women at risk of entering, or those already in, the criminal justice system. We will consult with Women’s Breakout members to make sure we understand their priorities and support needs. This will allow Clinks to seek the funding we need to make sure we can have a positive impact.

Roma Hooper, chair of Women’s Breakout

“We are delighted that Women’s Breakout has secured its future within Clinks.  We believe that the integrity of Clinks and its commitment to strengthening the work of Women’s Breakout will enhance the voice of our women’s centres and continue to support the work being undertaken”.

Anne Owers, chair of Clinks

“It is now ten years since Baroness Corston produced her ground-breaking report on women in criminal justice.  Community-based services were an essential part of that vision, and it is vital to continue to support those organisations and the women who need and use them. This merger will ensure that the work of Women’s Breakout will continue and we very much welcome Women’s Breakout members within Clinks”.

If you have any questions about the merger or our work to support women-centred services then please contact Jackie Lowthian, Women’s Network Coordinator

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