The Future of Women’s Breakout

Dear Women’s Breakout Stakeholder

For the past six years Women’s Breakout has been working to provide a unique and specialised resource for women’s centres and those delivering services to women who are, or may be, affected by the criminal justice system. Despite building up a strong network it has struggled to be viable on its own. The Board of Trustees of Women’s Breakout have now concluded that while there is still much work to be done, instead of closing, the best way to protect the impact of Women’s Breakout is for the organisation to merge some of its work into another organisation that shares its values and direction of travel and brings strategic influence. Following careful consideration by the Board of Women’s Breakout and consultation with some Women’s Breakout members, an approach was made to Clinks and discussions to bring Women’s Breakout within Clinks are well advanced.

Please see these questions and answers that might be of interest to you.  If you have any further questions about this proposed merger you don’t need to wait until the AGM, please do not hesitate to contact Roma Hooper Women’s Breakout’s Chair (07831 402 790}; or Anne Fox Clinks’ Chief Executive (, 0207 3919 892 (direct) or 07534 819 714)

Best wishes

Jackie Russell
Women’s Breakout


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