Hibiscus Initiatives

Hibiscus Initiatives provides advocacy, support and specialist services to Foreign National, Black and Minority Ethnic groups, affected by the social, criminal justice and immigration systems.

Hibiscus Initiatives, established in 1986 (and previously known as FPWP Hibiscus) is a voluntary sector organisation with a track record of delivering high quality services over nearly 30 years. They have developed a widely acknowledged specialist expertise in working with marginalised Black and Minority Ethnic Foreign National and migrant women offenders and detainees in custody, detention and the community. Their women-centred approach is a model that engages and works with women to support and empower them in dealing with what are often multiple and complex needs and, importantly, addresses the additional disadvantage that language and cultural barriers present.

The Charity’s specialist expertise and experience with international reintegration and resettlement and in providing support to migrant offenders or those at risk of offending posits Hibiscus Initiatives as one of the leading organisations supporting foreign nationals involved in the criminal justice and immigration systems, in the UK.

Unit 3.2 Holloway Resource Centre
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA


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