Salford Foundation – Together Women Project

Salford Foundation is a social inclusion organisation that supports the vocational, personal, social and academic development of young people and adults in Salford. It provides opportunities for those in education, business and the wider community to work together for their mutual advantage.

Salford Foundation’s Together Women Project offers a safe and relaxing environment in a women only centre with a crèche, for Salford women who may have offended or who are at risk of doing so.  This project offers a broad range of services including drug and alcohol support, counselling, parenting skills, support with accessing accomodation, debt reduction advice, support for those experiencing domestic abuse, employment and training and gender specific support services including a crèche.

The project aims to develop confidence and skills to access employment and learning opportunities and also addresses issues of offending and re-offending, potential family breakdown, and offers a range of services in support of vulnerable women.

Foundation House
3 Jo Street
M5 4BD

Advice and Support / Counselling / Creche / Education and Training / Employment / Health and Wellbeing / Relationship work / Substance Misuse /
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