Tomorrow’s Women Wirral

Tomorrow’s Women Wirral (TWW) is a Charity for all Wirral women aged 18+ with a commitment to reduce offending and to provide support and assistance to those women who have never entered the Criminal Justice System but who want to make positive lifestyle changes. The women who attend are not judged and integrate to support and share skills and experiences.

TWW is open Monday-Friday and has a full timetable of courses that address women’s needs. They have approx 550 visits per week and have now received over 2600 referrals. TWW offers space in a safe, women only environment so partners/agencies can engage with often hard to reach women who may have multiple complex problems.

The content of the TWW programme addresses issues to prevent women getting into difficulty. TWW are able to provide a series of targeted interventions which are tailored to the individual woman through a multi-agency, problem-solving approach. TWW hosts Interserve Justice and National Probation Service who have a dedicated team of Case Managers based at the centre, who supervise all females subject to Community Orders and Licensed conditions.

TWW are effective in helping women find a pathway out of the negative situations they are in. Tackling the underlying issues that led the woman into their situation, not just the immediate problem, so that change is lasting and have many success stories of improved compliance rates, employment, education and holistic well-being.

TWW are innovative in their approach, being the only Women’s Centre in Wirral that works with the Criminal Justice System, offering holistic support and integrating all women to remove unwanted labels etc. TWW have made support services accessible to all females. TWW also has a female only Medical Clinic and delivers holistic support through facilitating engagement with over 126 Wirral agencies. TWW do not commission any services, but use a quid pro quo approach to enable agencies to engage with women they would previously find hard to reach. TWW has filled a gap in providing a service not previously offered elsewhere.

TWW are person-centred, tailoring services to address women’s needs, taking into account the different learning styles. The women assist with the governance of the Charity some of whom are now Trustees. TWW focus on the women, rather than just on what is convenient or simple for our organisation
TWW offers value for money, are efficient and effective in terms of expenditure and staff ratio compared to impact in the community. TWW have 5.6 staff; Executive Director, Operations Manager, two Project Workers and 1.6 admin staff. TWW have limited funding and are sustainable through bid-writing, donations and fundraising events.

Researched evidence shows that this approach of working with women reduces crime, improves health and well-being and empowers women which will have a positive intergenerational effect, thus making our community a healthier, safer place to live.


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